Experienced in designing sophisticated promotional items.

We are a “one stop shop” for original promotion items from consultation,
concept proposal, product design, production to delivery. Unlike others,
we are happy to design your products for small quantity needs.


We can propose many more customizable products upon request. Let us know your specific needs.

  • Makeup Sponges

    We accept small quantity orders.

    We can customize original makeup sponges with your desired shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your specific purposes.

    Sponge puff
  • Powder Puffs

    We accept small quantity orders.

    Choose from a large selection of our puffs in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to find the best powder puff for your cosmetic that fits well in the container. Your brand logo can be printed on the ribbon attached to the puffs.

    Powder puffs
  • Face mask

    Dry cotton sheet masks are popular as a “bonus item” for facial lotion. We have a viriety of masks with different shapes to cover your entire face or part of your face.

    Sheet Masks
  • Face care

    We offer a range of products, including eye masks, face blotting paper, and a variety of items for a well-rounded skincare routine.

    Facial Care
  • Foaming Nets

    We accept small quantity orders.

    We have a wide range of foaming nets with different texture, usability, and/or lathering. We can customize net designs for you with different materials, shapes, and sizes.

    Foaming net
  • Body care

    We have a range of body care products including pumice stones and lotion applicators for your back. We can propose attractive items to enrich your bath/shower routine.

    Body care
  • Lip care

    Our clear lip masks help nourish your lips easily. We can also customize design, shapes, etc. for your needs.

    Lip care
  • Nail & Hand Care

    We have a great range of nail and hand care products, such as nail buffers and moisturizing gloves. We can provide you with the best products to solve your nail and hand care problems.

    Nail & Hand Care
We accept small quantity orders.The minimum order quantity for customized items is 500.

※The minimum quantity may vary depending on the specifications of the product and delivery time. Please contact us with your specific requests, as we may be able to accept smaller size orders.

Order flow

Process for product customization

  • STEP 01

    Contact Us

    You can contact us by phone, FAX, email, or by filling out the inquiry form on our website. Please let us know the products you are interested in and other details of your plan.

    Contact Us
  • STEP 02

    Meeting /discussion

    Our staff will answer any questions you may have, discuss the kinds of products you would like to order, quantities and delivery times.

  • STEP 03


    We will provide you with a price quote for your order.

  • STEP 04


    Before we start production, we will present prototypes so you can review and revise the product design.

  • STEP 05


    We will begin production of your order at the most suitable location among our global manufacturing sites, based on the type of product and its materials.

  • STEP 06


    Our staff will carefully inspect every finished product, and individually package it according to your specifications.

  • STEP 07


    We will dispatch the completed order to your desired address.



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